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August 8

August 8 – Famous Birthdays

Dustin Hoffman (MOVIE ACTOR) 1937


Peyton List (TV ACTRESS) 1986

Roger Federer (TENNIS PLAYER) 1981


August 8 – Famous Birthdays

1763 Charles Bulfinch Boston Mass, 1st US pro architect (Mass State House)
1857 Henry Osborn Conn, paleontologist/author (52 Years of Research)
1865 Matthew A Henson famous African
1879 Emiliano Zapata Mexican revolutionary, peasant leader
1884 Sara Teasdale US, poet (1st Pulitzer Prize-1918-“Love Songs”)
1887 Malcolm Keen Bristol England, actor (Uncle Chris-Mama)
1896 Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Wash DC, writer (The Yearling)
19– Anne Francine Phila, actress (Harper Valley PTA)
19– Branscombe Richmond LA Cal, actor (Heart of the City, Hawaiian Heat)
19– Doran Clark New Orleans, actress (King’s Cross, Emerald Point NAS)
19– Earl Boen Pueblo Colo, actor (Dennis-It’s a Living)
19– Matt Shakman actor (Graham-Just the 10 of Us)
19– Rosetta LeNoire actor (Grandma Winslow-Family Matters)
19– Veronica Redd-Forrest actress (Mamie-Young & Restless)
1900 Victor Young Chic Ill, orch leader (Milton Berle Show, In Old Calif)
1901 Dr Ernest O Lawrence Canton SC, inventor (Cyclotron-Nobel 1939)
1902 Paul A.M. Dirac England, theoretical physicist (Nobel 1933)
1905 Andr‚ Jolivet Paris France, composer (L’Eunuque)
1907 Benny Carter NYC, musician/composer (Easy Money, King Carter)
1908 Arthur J Goldberg Ill, UN ambassador/Supreme Court justice (1962-65)
1910 Francisco Brochado Da Rocha PM of Brazil (1962)
1910 Sylvia Sidney Bronx NY, actress (WKRP, Sabotage, Beetlejuice, Demon)
1913 Axel Stordahl Staten Island NY, orch leader (Frank Sinatra Show)
1913 Robert Stafford (Sen-R-Vt)
1918 Rory Calhoun LA Calif, actor (Capitol, Motel Hell, Bill-Texan)
1919 Dino DeLaurentis producer (King Kong)
1922 Rudi Gernreich designed 1st women’s topless swimsuit, miniskirt
1923 Esther Williams Inglewood Cal, actress/swimmer (Dangerous when Wet)
1926 Richard Anderson Long Beach NJ, actor (Oscar Goldman-6 Million $ Man)
1926 Webb Pierce West Monroe La, country singer (Ozark Jubilee)
1927 Jim Weaver (D-rep-Ore)
1929 Josef Suk Prague Czechoslovakia, violinist (Artist of Merit-1977)
1930 Andy Warhol artist/movie producer (Frankenstein, Bad)
1930 Joan Mondale wife of former VP Walter F Mondale
1930 Nita Talbot NYC NY, actress (Supertrain, Here We Go Again)
1932 Mel Tillis country singer/stutterer (Who’s Julie, M-M-Mel)
1933 Joe Tex singer/songwriter (Hold What You’ve Got)
1936 Don Bowden US, 1st American to run a sub 4 min mile
1936 Frank Howard baseball player (NL Rookie of the Year 1960)
1936 Keith Barron Mexborough England, actor (At the Earth’s Core)
1937 Dustin Hoffman LA, actor (The Graduate, Tootsie, Kramer vs Kramer)
1938 Connie Stevens Bkln, singer/actress (Hawaiian Eye, Back to Beach)
1939 Phil Balsley Va, country singer (Statler Bros-Flowers on the Wall)
1947 Jose Cruz leftfielder (St Louis Cards, Houston Astros)
1947 Larry Wilcox SD Calif, actor (Lassie, CHiPs)
1948 Svetlana Y Savitskaya 2nd woman in space (Soyuz T-7, T-12)
1949 Keith Carradine San Mateo Calif, actor (Young Guns, Pretty Baby)
1952 Robin Quivers radio/TV personality (Howard Stern’s sidekick)
1953 “Sweet” Lou Dunbar basketball player (Harlem Globetrotters)
1953 Donny Most Bkln NY, actor (Ralph Malph-Happy Days)
1954 Nigel Mansell formula-1 racer (Portugal Grand Prix-1990)
1956 Chris Foreman guitar (Madness-1 Step Beyond)
1956 David Grant rocker (Heaven Knows)
1958 Deborah Norville TV host (Today)
1958 Harry Crosby LA Calif, actor (Friday the 13th)
1959 Rikki Rockett rocker (Poison-Every Rose Has a Thorn)
1961 The Edge (Dave Evans) London, rocker (U2-I Will Follow)
1962 Suzee Pai Toledo Ohio, actress (Big Trouble in Little China)
1967 Lorraine Pearson rocker (5 Star-Silk & Steel)
1988 Beatrice Princess of England

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