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August 7

August 7 – Famous Birthdays

Charlise Theron (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1975



David Duchovny (TV ACTOR) 1960



Maggie Wheeler (TV ACTRESS) 1961



August 7 – Famous Birthdays

317 Constantius II Roman emperor (337-61)
1598 Georg Stiernhielm “father of Swedish poetry” (Hercules)
1742 Nathanael Greene American Revolutionary War General
1779 Carl Ritter cofounder of modern science of geography
1783 John Heathcoat inventor (lace-making machinery)
1870 19 kittens born to Tarawood Antigone (4 still born)
1876 Mata Hari dancer/courtesan/spy (WW I)
1885 Billie Burke Washington DC, actress (Glinda-The Wizard of Oz)
1886 Louis Hazeltine inventor (neutrodyne circuit, making radio possible)
1896 Ernesto Lecuona Havana Cuba, composer (Malague¤a)
19– Calos Vives Columbia, spanish singer (No Podras Escaparde Mi)
19– David Rasche Ill, actor (Sledge Hammer)
1903 Louis Leakey anthropologist (1964 Richard Hooper Medal)
1904 Ralph J Bunche a founder & UN diplomat (Nobel 1950)
1921 Karel Husa Prague Czechoslovakia, composer (Trojan Women)
1926 Stan Freberg LA Calif, satirist/ad executive
1927 Edwin W Edwards (Gov-La)
1928 Amazing “James” Randi Toronto Ontario, skeptic magician
1929 Don Larsen pitcher (NY Yankees), on what must have been a perfect day
1929 Ruth Carter-Stapleton Plains Ga, 1st sister/evangelist
1932 Ann Harding US, actress (East is West, Janie)
1938 Helen Caldicott Melbourne Australia, physician/anti-war activist
1940 Marlyn Mason San Fernando Cal, actress (Making It, Peyton Place)
1942 Anjanette Comer Dawson Tx, actress (Baby, Lepke)
1942 B.J. Thomas singer (Raindrops, Growing Pains Theme)
1942 Garrison Keillor PBS radio personality (Prairie Home Companion)
1943 Lana Cantrell Sydney, Australia, singer (Those Were the Days)
1944 John Glover Kingston NY, actor (52 Pick-Up, Something Special)
1945 Alan Page defensive tackle (Minn Vikings)
1950 David James Wottle 800m runner (Olympic-gold-1972)
1950 Rodney Crowell singer/guitarist (for Emmylou Harris)
1951 Gary Hall swimmer (Olympic-bronze-1976)
1956 Kent V Rominger Del Norte Colo, US Navy Lt Commander/astronaut
1957 Aleksandr Ditiatin USSR, gymnast (Olympic-gold-1980)
1958 Alberto Salazar marathoner (NYC Marathon Winner)
1958 Bruce Dickinson heavy metal rocker (Iron Maiden-Run to Hills)
1958 Larisa Karlova USSR, team handball player (Olympic-gold-1976, 80)
1960 Jacquie O’Sullivan rocker (Bananarama-Venus)
1961 Yelena Davydova USSR, gymnast (Olympic-gold-1980)
1963 Marcus Lewis Pontiac Mich, singer (Sing me a Song)
1967 Charlotte Lewis Kensington London, actress (Golden Child, Pirates)
1969 David Hollander LA Calif, actor (Lewis & Clark, What’s Happenings?)
197- Josh A Andrew Koenig actor (Boner-Growing Pains)

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