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August 26


August 26 – Famous Birthdays

Mother Teresa (RELIGIOUS LEADER) 1910 – 1997


Macaulay Culkin (MOVIE ACTOR) 1980


Chris Pine (MOVIE ACTOR) 1980


August 26 – Famous Birthdays

1676 Sir Robert Walpole (Whig) British PM (1721-42)
1728 Johann Lambert Switzerland, mathematician, proved ã is irrational
1740 Joseph Montgolfier France, aeronaut (ballooning)
1743 Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier Paris, father of mod chemistry (Oxygen)
1820 James Harlan (Rep-Iowa)/US Seretary of Interior (1865-66)
1850 Charles Richet French physiologist (anaphylaxis-Nobel 1913)
1873 Lee De Forest Council Bluffs, inventor (Audion vacuum (radio) tube)
1875 Sir John Buchan Scotland, Gov-Gen of Canada/writer
1880 Guillaume Apollinaire France, poet/movie critic (Alcoola)
1884 Earl Biggers author (“Charlie Chan” detective series)
1885 Jules Romains France, novelist/dramatist/poet (Men of Good Will)
19– Brett Cullen Houston Tx, actor (Bob-Thorn Birds)
19– Jon Hensley Doylestown, Penn, actor (As the World Turns)
19– Jorge De Sait rocker (Tuff-What Comes Around Goes Around)
19– Richard Kantor Bkln NY, actor (Brian-Finder of Lost Loves)
1901 Gen Maxwell D Taylor former US Army chief of staff
1904 Christopher Isherwood England, novelist/playwright (I Am a Camera)
1906 Dr Albert B Sabin polio vaccine discoverer
1909 Frank Gasparro Phila Pa, US chief engraver (1965-81)
1911 Lester Lanin orchestra leader (40 Beatle Hits)
1914 Julio Cort zar Argentina, writer (We Love Glenda So Much)
1915 Jim Davis Edgerton Mo, actor (Jack Ewing-Dallas)
1917 Jan Clayton Tularosa NM, actress (Ellen Miller-Lassie)
1917 William French Smith Attorney General (1981-85)
1919 Ronny Graham Phila Pa, actor (Bob Crane Show, Chico & the Man)
1921 Benjamin C Bradlee journalist (Wash Post)
1921 William Preston Columbia Penn (Penn State), actor
1927 Francois Leydet sierra club (Last Redwoods)
1927 Sam Massell
1932 Joe H Engle Abilene Ks, Brig Gen USAF/astro (STS T-2, T-4, 2, 51I)
1935 Geraldine Ferraro (Rep-D-NY) 1st female major-party VP candidate
1937 Tom Heinsohn NBA star/coach (Boston Celtic)
1938 Francine York Aurora Minn, actress (Slattery’s People)
1942 John E Blaha San Antonio, Col USAF/astronaut (STS 29, 33, STS 43)
1942 Vic Dana Buffalo, singer/dancer (Talent Scouts)
1943 Ulf Sundelin Sweden, yachtsmen (Olympic-gold-1968)
1947 Candy Moore Maplewood NJ, actress (Lunch Wagon, Tomboy & Champ)
1948 Jet Black rocker (Stranglers-Dreamtime)
1948 Valerie Simpson Bronx, singer, Ashford’s partner (Like a Rock)
1952 John Kinsella USA, swimmer (Olympic-gold-1972)
1954 Steve Wright Britain’s wacky DJ
1957 Alex Trevino catcher (LA Dodgers)
1960 Branford Marsalis actor (Bring on the Night)
1960 Ola Ray St Louis Mo, playmate (Jun, 1980) (Thriller)
1965 Chris Burke actor with down syndrome (Life Goes On)
1981 Macauley Culkin actor (Home Alone, My Girl) 

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