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Taurus January 2019

In January 2019, emotions will prevail over Taurus.

You will be very excited, and it will be easy to get you off balance.

Taurus horoscope January 2019

However, you must keep your feelings in check because this month much will depend on your contact with others.

Building a positive image and a reliable brand will be useful at work.

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Taurus horoscope January

Colleagues should be able to rely on you, then count on reciprocity.

Mercury's backward motions mingle students and scholars.

People who are learning may encounter problems at the university.

There are anticipated changes in Taurus’s professional life.

You will calm down and focus on the family.

The profession you practice may be too demanding for you, or it may be too much of your private time.

You will be thinking about changing your job, and you will certainly slow down the pace.

Stars are fortune telling Taurus in neighbour conflicts.

They will need goodwill from both sides of the dispute.

In the silence of the battle, your spouse will help you, who, especially now, will stand behind you with a wall and will not let you become hurt.

People in solid relationships can start trying for a child.

A lot will change in the lives of lonely people.

They will start looking for someone who shares their views and with whom they could be sincere.

Singles will be oriented towards finding an older, emotionally mature and intelligent partner.

The best chance of meeting him is up to the 20th of January.

You will enjoy good health for most of the month.

After mid January you will need to rest to gain strength.



January 2019

Important numbers:

5, 10, 13

January important dates:

3, 5, 17, 25, 27

Special note:

Time for great order in your life. Get rid of everything old and useless, both things and memories. Make room for new experiences and items. Focus on the present and what will be because divorce over the past only saddens you and takes away your energy to act.

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tarot horoscope January 2019

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