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Leo May 2019

Work will settle in the background, but you have to be careful that its quality will not deteriorate because it will cause you trouble.

There will also be an unusually strong need for closeness, which will reach the zenith by the end of the month.

Leo horoscope May 2019

Throughout the month, the Leo will be very bright and joyful, which will win people over.

At work, Leo is calm and stabilised.

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Leo horoscope May

It's enough to fulfil your conscientious duties, and nothing should surprise you this month.

Professionalism is your strongest point, so do not be afraid to speak out loud about your ideas because the innovations you propose will appeal to the management.

The Leo is auspicious for a successful month.

You will have the opportunity to establish new business contacts that will help you start a profitable investment.

You can expect an amazing flow of money from an unknown source.

It is worth spending the financial surplus on holidays.

The first week of May 2019 will bring stagnation in feelings.

It is only after this time that Leo will feel the warmth in their hearts and notice how important love is in their life.

Strengthening relationships will bring you creative time with your loved one, and boredom will build a distance between you.

The Leo who are just developing their lives with someone must remember that haste is a bad adviser.

Leo in May will have to strengthen their condition.

A visit to the gym or fitness classes are the perfect solution for you.

If you manage to work on your physical appearance, you will gain more confidence, and you feel stronger and more efficient, ready for any challenge.



May 2019

Important numbers:

1, 9, 11

May important dates:

2, 12, 14, 16, 24

Special note:

You will use the start of the month 100 percent. You will enter into it with the inexhaustible energy and optimism that you could give to a dozen people. It is important to have a positive perception of the world turned into optimistic visions of the future. Stop looking behind you. If you learned a lesson from what happened to you, it is time to stop thinking about it. Instead, contemplate what will be tomorrow, do not get tormented by memories.

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tarot horoscope May 2019

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