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Leo July 2019

In July, you will focus heavily on your career and stop taking over family matters or personal dilemmas.

Professional development will be in first place.

Leo horoscope July 2019

This month, most of the planets will be on the eastern side of the sky.

This arrangement will make you strong and capable of making independent decisions without outside help.

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Leo horoscope July

Thanks to the effort and your own commitment, you will implement your plan and your vision of the world.

Leo without a job, most likely will go to work abroad in its search.

The Leo is extremely successful in the professional field.

They will make your loved ones happy, and professional success will have a positive impact on the private and family spheres.

In the Leo finance and relative stabilisation.

You will thinkg about health and family matters, which will upset you because you had other plans for their development.

Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun will foster your love affairs.

July will be full of meetings with friends.

People in long-term relationships will eventually get serious declarations from their partner of the proposal or consent to the enlargement of the family.

The sun will give you energy and vital strength, and Jupiter will give you irresistible charm.

Mercury will affect your interpersonal skills, you will be more open to others, bold, confident and outspoken.

Up to the 22nd of July 2019, you will be in excellent condition.

You can thank herbal infusions for this, the water you drank and healthy sleep, which you had in abundance.

After this date, rest is indicated.



July 2019

Important numbers:

8, 13, 15

July important dates:

2, 8, 10, 11, 12

Special note:

Someone in your surroundings will feel neglected and overlooked by you. They will demand more attention, your time and advice on an important matter. Do not reject this person, but devote your time to it. Do not forget that in the future you may change roles and you might need help.

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tarot horoscope July 2019

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