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Horoscope August 2019

August 2019 horoscope
Free horoscope : August 2019

Aries August2019

Aries August 2019

In August 2019 astrological Aries will deal with development and self-realisation. They will become involved in new ventures that will not be related to work, but with a hobby or a new passion. They will also feel the urge to learn something new, in a field they do not know. A new passion, ideas, and willingness to implement them will make give every Aries great energy and t... detailed horoscope
Taurus August2019

Taurus August 2019

In August Taurus 2019, the emphasis should be on professional development, and the solution of home problems should be postponed. Also, psychological problems should be transferred into the background. In August, social skills will be more important than hard work, so work together, and you will achieve prosperity. Taurus should reflect in August the sense of their current ... detailed horoscope
Gemini August2019

Gemini August 2019

In August 2019 Gemini , he will plan his future ventures. The most important will be his professional goals. The atmosphere in the home Gemini will be hot and tense, hence the escape into a job in which the zodiac will seek peace and soothe the nerves. Focusing on your career will pay off and will soon bring tangible benefits. The bosses will agree on your vision of action,... detailed horoscope
Cancer August2019

Cancer August 2019

In the August period 2019, flexibility and the ability to cooperate will be important. Working in a team will help you achieve success and much faster than you expected. But be careful that someone does not attribute your work and effort to themselves. Strenuous work will make problems in the house seem trivial to you, but they must not be miscalculated because they will qu... detailed horoscope
Leo August2019

Leo August 2019

August 2019 is a time of careful decisions and reign. Only peace and careful observation can save you from disaster. In your way, Saturn will put a great impression on you and draw your attention to important aspects of life that you have so far omitted. Initially, your efforts and work may seem meaningless to you, but the rest of the month will show you that the reward is clo... detailed horoscope
Virgo August2019

Virgo August 2019

In August Virgo you will be strongly motivated to achieve your goals. This may push your family into the background. However, your loved ones will not mind, but on the contrary, they will support you and motivate you to act. The planet system will support energy and vitality in every Virgo. Thanks to systematic work, your career will begin to develop, and the professional goal... detailed horoscope
Libra August2019

Libra August 2019

August 2019, Libra should be used to setting new goals, developing strategies to achieve them. The organisation of emotional life and professional ambitions should be in the background. Frequent meetings and close conversations will allow you to find inner peace. August is a perfect moment to renovate and change the interior of the apartment, which will ensure a breath of fresh... detailed horoscope
Scorpio August2019

Scorpio August 2019

Horoscope announces that this month will be very intense for you. In August 2019, career will still be very important for Scorpion. You will perform your professional duties even more thoroughly and scrupulously than in the previous month. You will also find time for the family. It's only at the end of the month that you will feel finished with the pace you have imposed. The cu... detailed horoscope
Sagittarius August2019

Sagittarius August 2019

In August 2019 Sagittarius will be busy with both professional and home matters. One will affect the other. At home, you will be facing major renovations and considerable changes at work. You will have enough energy for everything, and your relatives and associates will appreciate your commitment. Right now, they will pay off at the beginning of 2019. Up to half of the month, y... detailed horoscope
Capricorn August2019

Capricorn August 2019

August promises to be very busy for Capricorn. The first three weeks will be the time to implement professional plans and focus on goals. Only the last week of the month will bring a moment of respite and relaxation. This is the time when you will significantly improve your image at work and show what you can do. You can confidently pursue your goals, activities, and commitmen... detailed horoscope
Aquarius August2019

Aquarius August 2019

The stars show that in August 2019 will be followed by a Aquarius marked by family matters. Aquarius will feel a strong need to tighten family ties and see relatives who have not been visited for years. Thanks to numerous meetings you will be able to improve communication skills and gain more confidence. August is also a good time to set new goals. Aquarius looking for a jo... detailed horoscope
Pisces August2019

Pisces August 2019

The movement of the planets will make the Pisces August 2019 a very intense time. Both professional life and family matters will require a lot of attention, which is why Pisces must be mentally strong to deal with them all. Success will ensure that you listen to your inner voice. At the end of the month, there will be a great need to be loved and give others love and generosity... detailed horoscope

1. The Hanged Man - yes no tarot

Love tarot reading : The Hanged Man

Transition period. Reward for the victim. Suspension. Restrictions. Interruption

Hangman usually indicates uncertainty in our lives.

It may mean that you are at a crossroads - you only have two options: up or down and yes or no.

You may find that you really want to do something, but you have no idea what it is and how to start it, how to go about it. You want to take action or activity that you don't know about.

If this is the case, it is a clear sign that you should stop thinking about it intensively. Relax and focus on what allows you to control your life, get out of the gate situations and find yourself in a new reality. Ask yourself the question that bothers you and you will get the solution.

It may indicate a period of waiting, suspension and, above all, a lack of positive stimuli and motivation to act. This card indicates passivity and inactivity.

You will mainly plan your future activities, forgetting what is important now. You will analyze and think, but nothing more.

Hangman also indicates the need to give up something, sacrifice for a larger, more important purpose.

It may also suggest metamorphosis by breaking patterns or going through a transition period. This card has neither positive nor negative connotations.

Maybe this is the answer to your question.

2. Death - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : Death

End · New Beginning · Loss · Dramatic Change · Destruction

Death rarely indicates physical death.

It is more about destruction and rebirth. Death means transience, renewal, changeability, and the transience of happiness that is not given to us forever.

The card indicates transformation and change. This is definitely a time of profound change, probably both internal and external.

Death reminds you that nothing in life is permanent. People and situations are changing. If you have any doubts about them, ask yourself a question and let the card work.

Death is the end of a cycle, the transition to a new period of life, the end and the beginning of the next stage, which may not be too easy and especially comfortable.

This card may indicate that you will separate yourself from what was in the past. However, you will accept the changes and get used to your new situation.

However, it cannot be ruled out that you will face some trauma, loss, failure or destruction along the way. The general sign of this card is dark and dark, so your answer is NO.

3. The Empress - love tarot

Love tarot reading : The Empress

Abundant creativity · Fertility · Fulfillment · Mother's image · Productivity

The Empress is the archetype of female power.

It is difficult to understand, mysterious and sexual. Announces the need to be in touch with the female side of nature.

Signals to listen to intuition and give priority to emotions and passions. It can mean abundance of sensations, wealth, also spiritual and pure emotionality.

This card indicates that there will be a good time for your emotional sphere that will flourish. People who are in stable relationships are especially lucky.

This is a good time for love. It may turn out that both men and women will discover that they are much more attractive to others, both as friends and as partners, and eventually lovers.

You will probably want to exercise caution when using this power, and rightly so, because it is very strong. Relationships can become sweeter, deeper and truer under this influence.

Partners in constant relationships will feel a fresh breeze of feelings. They will rediscover the joy that comes from spending time together, from resting together, and even from everyday household chores.

What counts above all is mutual support, a sense of community, warmth and tenderness that you will give.

Single people must remember that looking for a partner does not always end in a relationship for life or long years. Sometimes relationships last shorter.

So don't cross your partner just because you don't see him as the father or mother of your children, you can't imagine being old. Perhaps you will have very nice and shared moments.

4. Strength - love tarot

Love tarot reading : Strenght

Energy · Attitude when facing problems · Strength · Vitality · Willpower

Strength indicates the dominance of the mind over matter and reminds you to focus on what you want and not what you do not want in your life.

The card is associated with the idea of ​​attracting thoughts to what is good or what is bad. She ensures that everyone who draws it can use their thoughts and ideas arising in them for the good of themselves and others.

Strength also reminds you to take responsibility for yourself and others, especially in a relationship. Consider that you don't blame your partner for all the quarrels, forgetting that the fault is usually on both sides.

Strength also applies to our fears, especially those related to rejection and a sense of lack of own place in the world.

You should be good in love - if you are in a relationship, it will most likely be a strong bond in which you support each other and experience many mutual benefits.

If you are looking for someone, it is a very good time to meet people.

You should be confident now, so enjoy the charms of company. You may be pleasantly surprised at how you act on others.

There will be harmony and security in your life, and your social position will only improve. You should use your personal charm, which is confirmed by the cards, and if you have long-lasting affection for someone, confess to that person.

5. The Sun - love tarot

Love tarot reading : The Sun

Abundance · Achievement · Joy · Productivity · Success

If the Sun card appears in your spacing, it is a sign that soon you can feel more at ease than before, perhaps best for several good years.

It indicates that the time will come for a good vacation, take a vacation, rest and try all kinds of new things.

The sun means vitality, freedom, joy and self expression.

People in permanent relationships will want more space in their relationships. You and your partner will feel the need for controlled loneliness. He wants to be with himself, in peace and quiet.

This is not the time to be ostentatiously honest, obtrusively tender or needy, too gentle, unable to cope with himself.

If you are looking for love, it may appear on the horizon. However, you will have to prepare for building a new relationship. You will not get along in everything. If you lack patience, it's better not to get involved in this relationship.

6. The World - love tarot

Love tarot reading : The World

Confidence · Ending · Good · Reward · Satisfaction

The World Card can often mean that figuratively you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, which is not easy.

It is a symbol of your bravery and strength, which sometimes may not be enough, especially in the face of some major misfortune. You may also just be too tired to cope with your task.

If the world appears in your distance, it's a sign that it's time to check how you are dealing with asking for help and who you can really count on in the face of misfortune.

The world is appealing to loved ones. It may also suggest that the other half will reach out to you with a helping hand. A person with whom you have a romantic feeling in hard times will prove to be a good friend above all. With her at her side, there will be no such thing that you would not do.

If you are in a relationship now, it is possible that you will face some problems and turmoil. You can decide with your partner for a break in the relationship that will allow you to set priorities again and come back to yourself more confident your expectations about the relationship.

It's time to draw up a plan and start working on it. Tell your partner boldly about your goals and desires. Together, take steps towards satisfaction not only in a relationship, but also in life.

If you are looking for love, it is possible that there will be someone who will interest you. This person will share interests with you. She will have similar views and preferences. It will not necessarily be someone new, it is very likely that you have met a partner before, but you have not paid enough attention to him.

However, before you get fully involved, make sure you have found the right person and that your choice was not hasty and ill-considered.

7. The Papess - love tarot

Love tarot reading : The Papess

Female influences · Mystery · Understanding · Wisdom

The priestess is a very spiritual card - sexual in nature.

It may mean that you are in a phase in which you are an extremely attractive person.

It is a card assigned to the moon, femininity and inspiration that you will draw intensively from everything you come into contact with.

It can be a magical, mystical time for love. The relationships you enter into will not only be very important, but also extremely deep, intense and exciting. It is possible that you have not felt such a surge of emotions throughout your life.

If you are not dating someone, you may be interested in someone who seems distant and unavailable. Trust your instincts and heart, because it will lead you better to love conquests than the always careful and cool head.

You can also arouse great interest from the opposite sex. Use this power wisely - it is powerful!

People in relatively new, "fresh" relationships will start to feel at ease with them, secure and gain mutual trust. Partners with longer experience will be surprised by spontaneity in the relationship, which they may not have felt for so long.

Singles have a chance of having an affair. They certainly won't complain about the lack of interest.

8. Judgment - love tarot

Love tarot reading : Judgment

Change · Decisions · Success · Transformation · Boiling

The final court can be a card telling about drawing conclusions, decisions taking judgments too quickly.

If you are hot-headed and spontaneous by nature, you do not think too long, but you act quickly and vigorously, this is a clear signal that you slow down and give yourself more time to think, and more people and opportunities to correct mistakes.

It can also be a time of spiritual awakening.

If you are in a relationship now, it is possible that you will face some problems, turmoil and maybe a break in the relationship. It is high time for you to clearly realize what you expect from life and relationship, and then take steps to achieve it.

If you are looking for love, it is very possible that you will find someone with whom you will have the chance to build a lasting relationship. However, before you get fully involved, make sure you have found the right person and that your choice was not rash and ill-considered.

Take small steps, proceeding slowly and confidently, you will win every race.

9. 7 advantages of the zodiacal Aries

Only real-life enthusiasts and sincere friends are lost!

Among the Aries are many famous people, known for their repartee and sincere heart.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac; he is the patron of the fire element. He is known for his activity and action. Whoever is in the zodiacal Aries will not passively wait until life gives him something, but he will reach for it himself.

Sometimes Aries are considered aggressive and too ambitious, but they have many advantages that balance their drive for an active life.

People born between March 21 and April 20 are respected and liked, mainly because their zodiac sign supports positive qualities in them.

Their noble character and strength make people trust them and rely on their words. It also makes them good leaders who can motivate others to work.

Aries do not like defeats; they do not like it when things do not go their way. That is why they operate at full speed and always believe that victory is within their reach.

Aries are perfect as firemen, soldiers, police officers or mechanics, as well as businessmen. Wherever you need to act and be relentless, Aries will feel good. What are its advantages? You'll find out below:

1. Independence

Aries are independent, and they can use it at work. They like to organise their own work in their own rhythm. Relationships also value independence and partnership.

They are able to reconcile home care, work and other duties. It is important for them to have their own money and be able to spend it as they see fit. They do not like to interpret.

2. Enthusiast

Aries infect enthusiasm, everything they take, they treat as a challenge and a way to have a good time.

Their enthusiasm is infectious. They have an eagerness for action, and whether it's a hobby or work, they rave about it and show good sides.

When they get to know a topic, they can infect interest and talk about the ordinary thing like getting the Holy Grail.

3. An Optimist

She always glances at the bright side of the sky. Aries are optimists who believe deeply that everything will succeed that despite the adversity fate will smile on them.

They can see the good sides of even bad events. They prefer to regard them as instructive errors than failures that lead to a breakdown. Thanks to this, they can motivate others and infect with good thinking.

4. Courage

The Aries belong to the bold signs of the zodiac. They are not afraid of risk because they always believe that happiness favours those who reach with courage for the glories.

Courage allows them to achieve high positions, as well as to realise themselves in demanding professions. Aries rarely have any internal fears and uncertainties. They are not afraid of the dark or places that many people would not want to go.

5. Friendly

Aries are open to friends and quickly establish contacts. For friends, they will do a lot.

They are devoted and caring. Aries will always stand on the side of friends and defend them. It's easy to argue with Aries, but they also agree quickly.

Their tantrums are known to friends, but they also know that when they are in trouble, Aries will quickly forget their anger and help them.

6. Perseverance

Aries are very persistent. When they target something, they will drive all energy to the success of the enterprise.

Even adversities are not terrible enough to scare off Aries. Although they like the effects of their efforts to be visible quickly, they prefer to take short-range goals.

They persistently work on success and, therefore, are is not interested in a second place on the podium.

7. Active

She likes healthy and active living. By nature, she is strong and durable, so she cares not only for mental development but also for physical strength.

She likes to compete, so she treats practicing sports as another way to check and show that she is full of energy and can win. Physical activity is Aries's way of unloading negative emotions.

10. Aries disadvantages : 7 sins and faults of the zodiacal Aries

Check out what can make life difficult with such a sign

Everyone has their faults, as it turns out the signs of the zodiac, they also determine them in a certain way.

You can believe it or not, but everyone knows your zodiac sign, attributed to them on the day of birth. Sometimes for a joke, we seriously check what is interesting for our sign of fate.

And you may not believe it, but not once do we subconsciously follow what we've read. It's hard to believe it sometimes.

Everyone has some drawbacks, small or large. More or less heavy to others. Even an advantage can turn into a disadvantage when it is too nurturing.

The love of order can turn into pedantry, honesty in impudence, perfectionism in clinging. Keeping moderation and peace in everything is important.

Although, Aries have many advantages because they can undertake difficult challenges, are optimistic, selfless and hardworking, but also have their drawbacks.

People born between March 23 and April 18 have strong characters that affect their way of being and their decisions, as well as their relationships with others. Discover the disadvantages of this sign, and certainly something interesting to learn about it.

1. Impatience

Zodiacal Aries are very impatient; they cannot wait and want to have everything here and now.

They do not think in the long term, and they want to have the effects of their activities today. They will not be tempted to long-term investments.

They lose out because of their impatience, and prefer a quick profit today, rather than big money in the future. Lack of patience makes them weak teachers and lecturers.

2. Emotionality

For any Aries going through a difficult time, everybody around will know what mood they are in.

All emotions survive one hundred percent. That's why sometimes they have much hesitation going from super happiness to total depression, especially when things are not that big and important.

Such emotionality can deter potential candidates, especially women.

3. Persistence

The Aries is very stubborn, and if they get rid of something, they will not let it go.

This would be an advantage, but unfortunately, often, Aries does not let go. They insist on issues about which they have no idea. Being a fiery character does not make it any better.

If something is wrong, Aries will not change their mind, even if they lose that stubbornness.

4. Domination

This is especially visible in relationships. Aries wants to have the last word.

They are kind and care about their partner or spouse, but they have to make the decisions in a relationship.

Aries needs a companionship where they will be able to look after their significant other, with someone who will be able to calm down the quick-tempered character of Aries.

5. Austerity

Aries is strict and demanding; they do not indulge children or subordinates.

They think that if something is done, it should be done methodically and thoroughly. The seriousness of Aries and the severity of the child makes the relationship not as warm as if the children wanted it.

Also, there is impatience, which is why Aries prefers to keep the children and provide them with everything than to take care of them.

6. Aries cannot keep secrets

For Aries, taboo topics, secrets and confidences do not exist. Others know everything about them, and the secrets entrusted to the ram will quickly reach everyone they speak to.

They do not consider it as a bad thing but think that if they do not use the name of the person concerned, nobody will guess who they are. Aries are great at finding themselves in the company, but they also like gossip.

7. Arrogance

Aries are arrogant; they do not tolerate incompetence and others do not know what is in their hands.

If they do something, they must be the best at it, be successful. So often, Aries are perceived as arrogant.

Although they will help when they are asked, Aries always have their own career and work which they will appreciate more than others.

11. The Chariot - love tarot

Love tarot reading : The Chariot

Travel · Progression · Strong character · Success as a result of effort · Transport and movement

The chariot shows a lot of energy, but you can't waste it for nothing.

The card reminds us that we should properly use this internal energy and direct it to a specific goal.

When this card appears in spacing, it may mean that you are probably able to clearly define your goals and dreams and know how to achieve them.

The chariot can also refer to our love life, which will be very intense. In the sphere of feelings, it will also be very important to set specific boundaries and set goals for the future. Awareness of own expectations about the relationship and their needs.

When it comes to love, it's possible that you will be amorous, get involved too quickly or give in to someone else's pressure and force yourself to make serious declarations that you have not emotionally matured.

You need to learn to better communicate your limits and openly talk about your preferences. Be honest with yourself and in discussions with your partner or candidate.

If you are not interested in a relationship with someone who clearly wants to be with you, the best thing you can do is to inform the person that you simply do not see opportunities for you.

Single people will not be ready yet to create new, strong relationships. They will persist in looking at the past and torturing themselves with past mistakes instead of drawing conclusions from them and moving on. It is impossible to build the future, being constantly immersed in memories.

12. Taurus disadvantages

Zodiacal Taurus are persistent, loyal and hard-working, but they also have several disadvantages that make life with them difficult.

The Taurus is a very characteristic sign of the zodiac.

People born between 19 April and 20 May are under the unique influence of the planet Venus, thanks to which they are extremely determined and persistent.

They tread on the ground and are always able to determine what they want, which is why they are effective in their pursuit of the goal, like no other.

Zodiacal Taurus are not only patient and committed, but also have an excellent intuition that helps them avoid mistakes. You can certainly rely on Taurus because they will not let you down in situations. Also, Taurus are controlled and balanced.

At first glance, the Taurus seems to be a perfect sign, but it is not so because people who are under this sign also have a lot of negative traits that make life with them difficult and persistent. 7 major defects characterise the Taurus.

1. Whimsicality

Taurus demand a lot from the people around them and expect perfection in every respect. When they are dissatisfied with something, they do not refrain from manifesting their disapproval.

They often fuss and whim to achieve the best. Unfortunately, the taste of Taurus is difficult to satisfy, which makes cooperation with them extremely difficult.

Further defects of the zodiacal Taurus can be found on the following pages.

2. Blindness

Zodiacal Taurus are characterised by a vast stubbornness, which is shared by common sense. When they invent something, nothing will help them, even if they know that the losses will outweigh the profits.

They always have to do it their own way and will strive for it, even if it causes their loved ones to suffer.

3. Avarice

Taurus value their own work and do not like to share its fruits. It is difficult to persuade them to make donations or volunteer work.

Taurus often avoid talking about finances for fear that someone might want to borrow money from them. Gifts given by Taurus are always useful and usually bought at a promotional price.

4. Selfishness

Taurus have a high opinion of themselves and like to feel pride. They expect respect from the environment, often excessive about their position in society.

They can be very unpleasant and elevated over people in difficult situations when they think that their successes show that they are better people.

5. Greed

Although Taurus are generally scarce, they do not regret food and drink. Often, they cannot sustain moderation at the table and do not pay attention to sharing with other people what they eat.

Due to their elevated ego, they feel that they have everything they need and do not have to limit themselves when using it.

6. Conservativeness of views and attitudes

Taurus are reluctant to change their minds and like old tried and tested solutions. They do not trust novelties and think that many of them only make people lazy.

Their reluctance to think about and change their own attitude reflects mainly on their emotional and family life because they cannot work out consensus during conflicts with their relatives.

7. Excessive jealousy

If someone decides to have a relationship with a Taurus, they must know that many jealousy scenes await them because people born under this sign have very strong self-esteem and expect from their partner's ruthless obedience and respect manifested in fidelity and loyalty.

13. 7 advantages of the zodiacal Taurus

Zodiacal Taurus are determined and bold. Check what other positive features can most often be seen in Taurus

To be able to enjoy being a zodiacal Taurus, you must be born between April 19 and May 20.

The Taurus is a sign of the zodiac subject to the element of the earth and the influence of the planet Venus. This arrangement makes the Taurus know what they want from life, and they can achieve the goal. They owe their decisions to the majority of successes, which are usually lacking in their lives.

Taurus rarely make mistakes, so often they are put in the role of mentors, role models or authorities. Such a position suits them, but at the same time, they do not give birth to vanity or a sense of superiority, which is why they remain cordial towards their surroundings.

Taurus are said to be a sign condemned to success. Check what character traits make it good to be Taurusish.

1. Patience

Taurus are above all patient. They know that achieving the goal usually takes time, and accelerating the flow of affairs by force, can bring more harm than benefit, as well as nullify the positive effects of past actions. Taurus like to be active, but they act extremely carefully.

Another 6 advantages of Taurus, you will find on the following pages.

2. Prudence

Zodiacal Taurus like to think about everything. They always take into account all possibilities and anticipate the effects of possible actions and decisions.

Thanks to this, they avoid making stupid mistakes and too risky investments. This feature makes them perform well in business and managerial positions.

3. Determination

Determination is one of the main character traits of Taurus. This steadfastness in action makes Taurus effective, in what they do, and more than others, cope with appearing troubles.

They are always guided by the feeling that only steadfastness leads to real and lasting success.

4. Agreeableness

Taurus do not like to argue, that's why they always seek a settlement. They know that a compromise is a better solution because it allows everyone to move on.

In addition, the tense situation between people torments them because they do not like stalking and social games, which often accompany the conflicts.

5. Diligence

Hard work is a good way to success and Taurus know it very well, that's why they rarely indulge in laziness.

They prefer to be active and see the effects of their efforts. Passive waiting for the development of the situation is considered a waste of time. At work, Taurus are accurate, reliable and honest.

6. A devoted friend

Zodiacal Taurus are very devoted to friends because they believe that forming and nurturing friends are a huge life treasure, which should be cared for.

Taurus never reveal secrets and always strive for communication and are ready to help at any time of the day or night.

7. Economy

Taurus can manage money, which is helped by reason and prudence. They do not invest in risky ventures and can save.

People may think that they are a bit skimpy, but the reluctance to spend money does not come from typical stinginess, but from caution.

14. Gemini disadvantages

Although smart and happy, they are not without flaws. Here are the 7 deadly sins of the Gemini zodiac

The element assigned to the zodiacal Gemini Geminis is air.

Those born under this star are so volatile and unstable, like fog. The patron of the sign, Mercury only intensifies the strength that pushes the Gemini into the world and punishes believing that somewhere there is a place written for them, but it is always under a different sky than that at which the Gemini are looking.

The Gemini sign was for those who came into the world between May 21 and June 21.

The Geminis born in the summer, are in their surroundings for the sun. Always radiant, optimistic about life, infect others with their enthusiasm and joy.

Their energy, however, is sweet and superficial joy. Impatience and rocking in the clouds are the least sins for the Geminis. Here is the whole list of the most serious offenses of this mark.

1. Variability

Gemini is very unstable. They abandon their hobbies as quickly as they invent new ones.

They are intelligent people with a wide range of interests, but often unable to engage in something with their whole being.

They are impatient and quickly get bored.

Further cons of Geminis can be found on the following pages.

2. Recklessness

Spontaneous and exciting - this is Gemini. People born in this sign love to be praised and shine in company.

They often show off their intelligence, and sometimes they show something very stupid.

Their reckless behaviour and careless ideas rarely have serious consequences, except perhaps shame, which is no stranger to these astral cubs.

3. Exterior

Because of the expanding energy and their nature punishing them for being in endless motion, Geminis do not focus too much on their surroundings.

Therefore, they are perceived by other people as superficial, chasing only fame or career.

4. Straw enthusiasm Enjoyous young girl make a selfie with his mobile phone

Intolerant and changeable Gemini is not easy to interest, but when something focuses their attention, they devote themselves to it wholeheartedly, forgetting the world of God for the rest.

It's nothing; they have a thousand other things on their heads, only this one counts, others may cease to exist.

This approach does not lead the Gemini away because they are non-verbal and can rarely be relied upon.

5. Impatience Time, Clock, Urgency.

Impatience - this is the true Achilles' heel of this zodiac sign. The Geminis become extremely bored very quickly.

Quite often, they give up a well-paid job, and even a successful and prosperous relationship, move out, leave to seek happiness where they have not been.

6. Freedom above all else

People above this sign value freedom and independence above all else. They do not like creating rules and restrictions.

They do not allow themselves to be governed or ruled. They are oversensitive at this point. They treat good counselling as commandments.

7. Rocking in the clouds

Geminis are dreamers who walk with their heads in the clouds. They have great goals, and countless ideas are born in their heads, but they do not go so well in everyday life.

They often escape to their own interior from problems they encounter on their way.

15. 7 advantages of the zodiacal Gemini

Are you a Zodiacal Gemini? Check what positive features make you stand out from the crowd

People born under this sign often have similar characteristics. See what you can expect from Gemini, namely people born between May 22 and June 20.

Zodiacal Geminis are often characterised by artistic skills and high sensitivity, but also by constructive talent. They have an open mind and broad interests. Geminis are also sociable, they like contact with people very much and depend on their recognition. They like to change their environment and surroundings, and they tired of peace and monotony.

Below we present the most important character traits of people born under the sign of Gemini.

Positive character traits:

1. Intelligence

Geminis are intelligent by nature, they learn quickly and can use knowledge in a way that shows that they know more than they really do. They are born erudits who love lively discussions.

2. Ingenuity

Geminis are usually very creative; they have lots of ideas that are bold and crazy. They can abstractly think outside the box, thanks to which they invent innovative concepts. Thanks to their ingenuity, they adapt easily to new conditions. Geminis often retain full mental fitness until a late age.

3. Freedom of speech.

Geminis usually have no problems with language skills and are happy to appear on forums. They are chatty people who always have a lot to say and about everything.

4. Cordiality and openness

Love for people and showing them affection come naturally to the Geminis. They are happy to help others and pay attention to a their excellent upbringing. Humanism characterises them.

5. A sense of humour and sociability.

People born under the sign of Gemini often play the role of the so-called ‘soul of the party’. They feel good among people and have the gift for entertaining audiences. Geminis are known for their excellent sense of humour and cutting retorts.

Unfortunately, they are not ideal people, and even the zodiacal Gemini have some drawbacks.

Negative character traits:

High variability

Geminis often change their views, they get bored quickly, and their involvement is superficial. They also feel monotony and fatigue quickly.

Diarrhoea in action

Fast and ill-conceived decision-making is characteristic of Geminis. Mistakes occur quite often. Therefore, Geminis avoid professions associated with high responsibility.


It is difficult for Geminis to focus on one thing, which is why they have very wide interests and, as a consequence, they find it difficult to reach an expert level in a specific field.

Lack of patience

Geminis dislike waiting and have a lack of patience, which is why they become discouraged quickly.


Geminis love spending money and enjoy comfort. However, due to the lack of consistency in operation, they have a problem with their earnings.

16. Cancer disadvantages

Cancer is considered to be an ideal sign. Are you sure? Discover the 7 main drawbacks of Zodiacal Cancers

Everyone has disadvantages, even if they think it does not concern them.

There is no flawless person. It is important how a person deals with these disadvantages.

Some people know that they are not perfect and have to work on themselves, they try to do well. There are also people who with a big banner "I am what I am" think that they do not have to work on themselves.

The Cancer is people born between 22 June and 22 July are full of contradictions. However, they are considered signs that live well. They are caring, faithful and good.

Their care is legendary, that's why they feel good in a competition that involves helping others. They care not only for others but also for the environment and nature.

Cancer has the water element sign, and its lucky stones are pearls, opals, moonstones and coral. When you want to make Cancer happy, you can just take care of yourself; you will also be pleased with something home and cookbooks.

A very good relationship will be created by Cancer with other Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. It will also be interesting with Taurus and Virgo. However, Cancer also has defects that often make it impossible to withstand them.

1. Shyness

Cancer are sometimes morbidly shy. They find it hard to make new friends and to speak two full sentences in sympathy often borders on a miracle.

Cancer are very cautious in love; they hesitate long before they dare to talk to the opposite sex. Shyness is hard to break, but once they love someone, they will be faithful and devoted to him.

2. Humorous

Cancers have very changeable moods; it is not easy to make him feel happy.

Cancer are often homeopaths who find it very hard to tolerate weather changes. In an instant, Cancer can spurt with energy, be full of life, and after a while give hangs humour. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with Cancer's behaviour, and it does not affect everyone around you.

3. Oversensitive

The whole world very much feels Cancer. His sensitivity makes him experience everything around him. His troubles hurt him; if he gets into a state of nature, he can have black thoughts.

Everything affects him, he is sad, and he is experiencing. His oversensitivity and suffering for the world can infect the bar of willingness to act and leave him reflecting on the fate of the world.

4. Tenderness

The recollection of the past, of what it was, can turn Cancer into melancholy Cancer.

Cancer without proper motivation often stray into the past; remember it.

Cancer cannot tolerate changes, losses and it's hard for them to going again after someone leaves their lives. Then they need an impulse and a task that they will be able to sacrifice.

5. Caution

This is an advantage, but Cancer avoids all risk; they slow down even on the green light because it can change to yellow.

They do not like to bear the consequences of their choices, for fear that they will do something wrong and everything will be their fault.

In such cases, Cancer play the game of infamy, and the prospect of change and decision-making puts them in fear.

6. They cannot stand criticism

Cancer, when it is reprimanded or criticised, is considered to be an aggrieved party, a martyr and wrongly accused.

Each criticism hurts him greatly and reduces his or her courage. Cancer must have a clear goal and set out how to proceed, then they stick to it and are not afraid.

7. They attach themselves very much

This is an advantage; however, like the sensitivity in Cancers, it may have a malignant shade. Cancers attach themselves to people and things. Their loved ones can give away everything.

Often, they cannot throw away something because they have too much affection for it. That's why Cancer has to make sure that their collection of souvenirs does not change into a rubbish dump.

17. 7 advantages of the zodiacal Cancer

Timid Cancer has many advantages. Learn about the seven advantages of Zodiacal Cancers that make them great people

Zodiacal Cancer is an ideal partner, but their morbid shyness often makes them go through life alone

People born between June 22 and July 22 remain under the strong influence of the Moon and have various phases.

Cancers feel a strong relationship with nature, support and respect it, often work in volunteering to support environmental protection.

When they take action, they will do everything to reach their goal and succeed.

Cancerians are shy, and it's not easy to join their world. Friends choose cautiously, as well as partners, not out of pure calculation, but because Cancer indulges relatives in their entirety.

They are afraid of being hurt, which is why trust is the most important to them, the will of permanent partners in their feelings and they do not mix in flirting and love affairs.

Therefore, when looking for a regular partner or spouse, it is worth getting to know a Cancerians.

Accurate and industrious Cancer are perfect for all competitions, where they will be able to look after others. Their empathy, support and the need to look after others will make them perfect nurses, carers, and pre-school children minders.

The work they carry out is for them a passion, which makes them happy. However, when something does not go right, they may not only have a bad mood but also ruin the mood.

Cancer tend to feel sorry for themselves, wander into memories as soon as life becomes too heavy, and there is no purpose on the horizon.

That is why Cancer has to be supported, shown interest and warmth, but also at the right time without supporting their self-pity, giving them the purpose of acting.

When he catches the wind in his sails, he will work. And here are 7 advantages of this zodiac sign:

1. Loyal

Cancers are very loyal to people from whom they have support. They will not betray friends or partners, even when they are offered great profits.

People under this sign of the zodiac value friends, they do not have many of them, but without hesitation, they will defend, support and help them.

2. Caring

Whether for family or friends or even at work, Cancers will find a lot of care and patience for everyone.

They will look after you, fulfil your whims and will not say a bad word about you. They devote a lot of time to make the person they take care of feel the best.

Cancer will always bring a blanket, make tea and listen to how hard the day has been.

3. Reliable

You can rely on them because Cancers are very serious about what they have to do.

They do not give up and can devote their time and comfort to keeping their word. Cancer makes a good boss because they care about their employees, but also make great employees.

They can work for the good of the company, help others and do everything to make the company work well and run smoothly.

4. Sensitive

Cancers can see when something terrible is happening both with their friends and family and with the world around them.

The susceptibility of Cancers makes them excellent listeners, they do not criticise, but they accurately advise.

They also like culture and art, are sensitive to aesthetics and the order of their surroundings.

5. Standing in feelings

If Cancers fall in love, it is forever. They take care of their other half, respect them and do everything to let them know.

Cancer are not interested in romance, flirting and complicating their lives. They will swear with full awareness that they will love and look after another person for the rest of their lives.

They attach themselves very much and even when love expires, they will support the other half and take care of them.

6. Strong intuition

Cancer not only have perfect intuition, but they can also use it. They believe in their inner voice and are not afraid to follow the path that their heart shows them.

Premonitions are very important to them because Cancers like and need to act in harmony with themselves. Cancer are not afraid to believe that the heart is more important than reason.

7. Family

Cancer are good parents. They have what matters most to deal with children - care, patience and peace. For children, they can devote a lot of money; they will do everything they can to give them a good start in life.

Care and spending time together is very good for Cancer. On the contrary, he loves family moments and returns to them with affection.

18. The Pope - love tarot

Love tarot reading : The Pope

Approval · Compliance · Consent · Good Advice · Marriage or community

This card largely refers to the choice of what is right, right and moral.

Maybe you have problems and you are not sure what is good for you. In this situation, you must realize that all the answers are within you.

You should realize that a good decision is one that does not hurt others, but above all is not contrary to your values ​​or beliefs.

The Pope also refers to our emotional, intimate and erotic sphere. He points to the partner's prudery and may refer to patterns that, although persistently used, can work in relationships and bring the expected results.

You can do very well in love. Your relationship may be somewhat conventional, based on old but well-functioning schemes.

This card may mean that your other half is a traditionalist who doesn't like experiments and expects the same from you.

The Pope refers primarily to principles, restrictions and appearances. Indicates that as long as you both stick to the other boundaries, you'll be fine with you.

Watch out for coldness and lack of sensitivity. He may appear on the side of your partner, who probably does not have the hottest temperament, which does not mean that he does not love you.

19. The Hanged Men - love tarot

Love tarot reading : The Hanged Men

Transition period. Reward for the victim. Suspension. Restrictions. Interruption

The Hanged Men usually shows you are at a crossroads - you only have two options, yes or no.

It may turn out that you really want to do something or change but you do not know where to start.

If so, then you should stop thinking about it. Relax and focus on what allows you to control your life, your emotions and maintain good relationships with others.

Speaking of relationships. The Hangman Card brings you a lot of new feelings. You will feel intense emotions and ordering your feelings will become one of your priorities.

Your fantasies about a potential and equally unreachable partner should end as soon as possible. You have to go down to earth and start looking for someone for yourself in your close surroundings. It is possible that a certain person has been looking at you with a favorable eye for a long time.

You have a certain vision of a relationship in your head that you consider the only right option, but you will have to move away from it in favor of compromise with your partner.

If you are in a long-term relationship, be careful. When you think your relationship is successful, make sure and find out if your partner feels the same.

As the card suggests, you must become more creative, hungry for new experiences and inspiration. Nowhere should there be room for boredom, also in a relationship. Do not let it stagnate, which you can not confuse with harmony. Surprise your partner and you will feel surprised how wonderful it is.

20. The Fool- yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : The Fool

Carefree · Stupid · Important decisions · New beginnings · Optimistic

The Fool card always indicates new features.

The fool also symbolizes purity. It indicates a clean, good, open heart, childish energy and good in our lives.

This card is widely regarded as positive, but it is also a warning against ill-considered actions and decisions. You need to be sure that you act sensibly and do not get involved hastily in matters that may overwhelm you. This may be a warning against naivety and infantility.

Now think about what you want to ask and let this spontaneous card show you the direction.

This card symbolizes a spontaneous person who loves risk and is not afraid of it. It can be a playboy, but also a man with great energy and passion, forever young and full of energy.

He is an optimist who values ​​independence very much. The card suggests that you can take over some of these features.

The fool represents new beginnings and a carefree adventure. Although this card may indicate stupidity, it is more optimistic in the sense that it means pure action and freedom from the limitations of your current life.

This executioner is also associated with new acquaintances and contacts in the professional sphere. May announce a change of job.

Most likely, important decisions are coming, and the answer to your question is: YES.

21. The Magician - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : The Magician

Confidence · Creativity · Important communication · Skill · Creativity and talent

Mage means better use of our power and potential.

Symbolizes spirituality, emotionality, but also otherness. This is another card that often means new beginnings and great expectations. This is a very strong and positive prognostic.

The magician reminds us that we have the strength to change something in our lives, immediate surroundings and in the world in general, you just have to try.

This card announces fresh, new ideas, ideas and activities. Ask her a simple question now to learn more.

The magician is a symbol of action and power in your life. It symbolizes someone who is an efficient speaker and is good at all aspects of communication.

He is an attractive leader, strong, powerful, brave, determined to move forward and undertake even difficult tasks. He is a leader in his field, a man of a thousand talents and a million passions.

This card suggests that you will enjoy great creativity and confidence. You will take life in your hands so that it depends on you and not on blind fate or fortune. It's a symbol of energy and vitality.

This card suggests using strong will to move forward and take action. The answer to your question is: YES.

22. The Papess - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : The Papess

Female influences · Insight · Mystery · Understanding · Wisdom

The Papess is a very spiritual card - often of an erotic character.

It can mean that you are in the phase of being a very attractive, interesting person. You will seduce, tempt. It will be difficult to pass by you indifferently.

It is a card assigned to the Moon, femininity and inspiration that you will draw intensively from everything you come into contact with.

It can be a magical, mystical time for love. Your intuition will not disappoint you. Ask the card a question about what you want to know the most ……

The Papess is a spiritual woman, full of secrets, wisdom and understanding. It is a synonym of a sensitive, gentle woman who explores things with all her senses, is guided by intuition, has a good big heart and developed spirituality.

This card marks your journey of self-discovery. Indicates things that have not yet been discovered in your life.

She is the personification of motherly love, a teacher, rich in knowledge and experience. The priestess suggests quietness and encourages reflection.

It instructs you to wander towards self-discovery and devote yourself to reflection. The answer to your questions is unclear.

23. The Empress - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : The Empress

Abundant creativity · Fertility · Fulfillment · Mother's image · Productivity

The Empress is a model of female power.

It is difficult to understand, mysterious, life-giving, full of passion. Announces the need to be in touch with the female side of nature.

Indicates to listen to intuition and give priority to emotions and passions. It can mean abundance of sensations, spiritual and emotional wealth.

Has such qualities as: etherealness, sensuality. Everything that touches has charm. Ask her now the question that you want to know the answer …..

The Empress means all aspects of motherhood. Guardianship, love, problem solving. It may indicate a desire to start a family and settle down. I suggest a need for someone who cannot take care of himself.

The card symbolizes feminine grace and charm. You will gain a spell that will allow you to recover from uneasy oppression.

The Empress points to successful business ventures or other positive opportunities that it would be a sin not to take advantage of. It means financial security and high comfort of life.

I suggest you move forward to use your full potential, and the answer you are looking for is: YES.

24. The Emperor - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : The Emperor

Power · Father's character · Masculine influence · Rationality · Stability

The emperor shows us that sometimes domination of the mind over the heart is not desirable, but in some cases it is necessary.

Sometimes this card indicates that we must be guided by reason and prudence. Be cool about what happens to us.

Concentration is important when making important decisions.

The card indicates that it is important now to be assertive and confident, calm and focused. Now think about what you want to ask her.

The Emperor, as the equivalent of the Empress, means everything paternal. It is the structure, order and authority in your life. Symbolizes power, respect and compliance with the rules.

Indicates an objective approach to life and assuming responsibility for your decisions. You will be determined and persistent in pursuing your goals. You will be careful and do not go beyond what you should have done.

The card brings you success in the professional sphere and financial stability. However, you will have to make an effort to remain assertive.

Thanks to that your answer is: YES.

25. The Pope - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : The Pope

Acceptance · Compliance · Consent · Good advice · Marriage or community

This card largely refers to the choice of what is right, good and moral.

Perhaps you are struggling with the problem and you are not sure what the optimal solution is. In this situation, you must realize that all the answers are within you. You subconsciously sense what is best for you.

You must realize that a good decision is one that does not hurt others, but above all does not contradict your values, your morality, etc.

The Pope lets you know the answer to your question.

Faith is a symbol of education and tradition, refers to religious principles as well as ethics, spiritual authorities, morality and conscience.

This card suggests seeking spiritual guidance or advice in your life. It indicates spiritual development, help of a more experienced and wise person.

The Pope may also refer to the upbringing and education of children and young people in the spirit of love of knowledge and respect for others.

This card has no unequivocal positive or negative connection, it indicates religious compliance and acceptance.

This may be the only answer depending only on your beliefs (YES / NO).

26. The Lovers - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : The Lovers

Attachment or relationship · Conflicting choices · Partners · Relationships · Community

Lovers have a connection with the astrological sign of Gemini.

This card can therefore refer to our complicated, dual nature. Both to what is inside us, spiritual, related to emotions, as well as to simple everyday matters and all issues related to our analytical side.

Lovers refer to these most delicate feelings such as: love, fascination, infatuation. It is a complicated card that has many ambiguous feelings.

However, it allows you to find a key in this chaos, a sure path. If you want her to explain things that bite you, ask her now.

Lovers suggest that you are somewhere at a crossroads in life. They may indicate the beginning of a new stage of life, the need to make some important life choices.

It may suggest a breakthrough is approaching that will turn your life upside down. The card indicates the choice between two options, two partners that you have similar feelings for, or refers to two things you are thinking about, etc.

Although this card is very symbolic for relationships, love and community, it can also be a disclosure of a positive business partnership or cooperation that will allow you to move forward in life.
The answer to your question is: YES.

27. The Chariot - yes no tarot

Travel · Growth · Strong character · Success as a result of effort · Transport and movement

The chariot shows a lot of energy, but you can't waste it for nothing.

The charter requires that you focus on the proper use of life energy and direct it to a specific purpose, to do something that we planned for a long time in a good cause.

When this card appears spaced, it may mean that you'll probably be able to clearly define what your hopes and dreams are and what you want to do to make them happen.

The chariot indicates an increase in the pace of your life, acceleration of the development of a situation, greater dynamism of the events happening. If you have any questions for the card, ask them now in your spirit.

The chariot announces a journey. It may indicate a trip for a longer period and moving for one abroad. Predicts a more intense period in life.

You will now be very hit, energetic and creative. You should make the most of your time.

This card may indicate increased physical exertion and work, which, however, can be very fruitful and profitable.

The presence of the Chariot has a positive connotation, so this journey will probably be some kind of progress.

It can also mean a great success that you have worked hard for. The confidence, direction and victory expressed by this card indicate that the answer is YES.

28. Strength - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : Strenght

Energy · Attitude when facing problems · Strength · Vitality · Willpower

Strength indicates the dominance of the mind over matter and reminds you to focus on what you desire the most instead of wasting time on non-important things.

The card is closely connected with the idea of ​​attracting thoughts with the good or the bad. She ensures that everyone who draws it can use their thoughts and ideas arising in them for the good of themselves and others.

Strength also reminds you to take responsibility for yourself, your decisions and those who depend on us.

You must overcome your fears and limitations. Also, try to control yourself and not allow your nerves to explode. Don't lose patience with others and believe in what you do. You can now ask the card what is important to you.

The Strength Card shows your current confidence and means you are confidently facing problems in your life. Power refers to physical strength, but also to our ability to control our own lives.

It indicates good health and fitness, proper discipline and perseverance in all our plans and resolutions.

It also refers to our activity, especially in the field of combating our own harmful habits, addictions and bad habits.

It also means a person who enjoys power but has the ability to exercise effective self-control in all matters. You may need patience and strength in your search.

The answer you are looking for is probably YES.

29. The Hermit - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : The Hermit

Detachment · Advice · Loneliness · Difficult search and introspection · Thinking and reflection

The hermit is an extremely spiritual card and is often associated with institutions and large organizations.

This card indicates spirituality, even if you are an atheist. It will not necessarily be about religiousness, but rather about a sense of emotional depth and a stronger feeling of what is happening in your life.

This may have to do with a person you have some doubts about and do not know what to expect from them. The card reveals its true nature, even the dark one.

If you've found this card, it means that you can get new information about the case or the person you are most interested in. Maybe it also means that you should seek messages or help from more experienced or knowledgeable people. You can also refer to the Hermit's card for answers.

The hermit is a card - a symbol of the search for some spiritual enlightenment. Lonely introspection, meditation and contemplation are also associated with it.

Perhaps some of your search and reflection are simply required on your part. This card refers to life wisdom, indicates peace and the search for truth in your life.

The presence of this card in your set announces that you should take care of learning, learning, and exploring new things.

The interpretation of this card in the set is not clear, so the answer to your question is: maybe.

30. The Wheel of Fortune - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : The Wheel of Fortune

Change · Destiny · Success · Life cycles · A new direction

The Wheel of Fortune indicates that you'll finally be ready for change.

Sometimes it will symbolize the necessary but very difficult to initiate the transformation of life.

It can be a change of harmful, bad habits or the need to give up harmful habits. It cannot be ruled out that it announces you to leave a toxic compound that affects you badly and destroys you slowly but effectively depriving you of the joy of life.

The Wheel of Fortune means happiness, change and a new direction in your life. The beginning of a new stage, new opportunities and opportunities.

The wheel of fortune can also indicate a happy coincidence in your life. Also mistakes from which you unexpectedly draw an important life lesson.

Although it also shows ups and downs, the overall nature of the card is positive, indicating changes for the better, happiness and prosperity in life.

The answer you are looking for is YES.

31. Justice - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : Justice

Balance · Equality · Honesty · Justice · Law and legal issues

Justice concerns the idea of ​​karma and the law of cause and effect.

This card indicates that all events and all people are connected to each other.

It is important to remember that all events, everything we deal with, is a direct result of our actions or karma.

The card may indicate that you would like to take the blame for the actions of a loved one. Even if you did, remember that moral responsibility cannot rest on you.

Justice is a card that indicates the need to organize its affairs and life.

You will finally be able and ready to regulate your relationship status. You will also take seriously the matter, which you have kept moving in time.

Now you will get involved in matters that you have put off for a long time, especially you will deal with issues related to documents, office matters etc.

The Charter of Justice deals with karma, justice and balance in all aspects of your life.

It does not suggest a result that is for or against you, but indicates the need for responsibility, dignity and integrity.

There is no clear answer to your question.

32. Temperance - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : Temperance

Ability · Control · Harmony and balance · Overcoming addictions · Confidence

Moderation is a card about balance in life and interpersonal relationships, including romantic ones.

Friendship, family, good partnership and purely professional relationships clearly need your attention. It is also an alchemy and matching card.

You may have to search and try for a long time before you come up with what interests you and find a life path. If you have any questions that can help you find your way, now is the best time to ask them.

Moderately indicates the arrival of a period of calmness, stability and harmony. You will be calm and balanced.

You will surround your loved ones with warmth, you will try to avoid tensions and anxieties, and endure any changes with patience worthy of a chess master.

There will be time full of consent, you will enjoy good relations with your loved ones. It also indicates moderately financial stability, a period without fireworks, but above all loss-free.

The Moderation card means divine intervention and balance. The presence of this card within your reach reveals a high level of confidence and control. The answer given by this card is most likely affirmative.

33. The Devil - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : The Devil

Anger · Jealousy and resentment · Illusion · Selfishness · Violence

The devil is not as scary and terrifying as you would expect.

This card tells us about the usually metaphorical bondage and the inability to get rid of our own limitations.

With this card you are called to take a close look at the situations in your life and understand their real meaning.

The devil suggests restraint, intelligent analysis of phenomena and events that you experience. It also announces the need to make important decisions, shows paths, so it's worth asking about what bothers you.

The devil means negative feelings and emotions. Anger, violence, temptation, fear and doubt are just a part of the range of negatives that it carries.

This card indicates too much materialism greed on the side of the one who drew it. Perhaps (even subconsciously) you put elusive, temporal, worthless gadgets and fortune over spiritual things.

You are in a bad relationship, you cannot express gratitude or love towards people who deserve them. It is also possible that you live in a lie, cheat yourself or others for your benefit.

The card also indicates addictions, unhealthy lifestyle, harmful and stupid habits.

If you asked her a question that was important to you, the answer would be: NO.

34. The Tower - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : The Tower

Destruction · Dramatic Change · Losses and Ruins · A New Beginning ·
Unexpected events

The tower is a card about change.

Like the Devil and Death, the Tower is not as scary or dangerous as the pictures on most cards.

Attempting to stick to the status quo closely can now be catastrophic. Go with the changes. You will experience huge life turbulence and real transformation.

Initially, everything that happens in the near future will seem sad, merciless, unnecessary or unpleasant. You will be able to draw conclusions and lessons from the upcoming events after some time.

There is a turbulent period in your life. It will be a time of the breakup of important relationships, changes in work, moving house, or other transformations that will affect the most important and fundamental matters in your life.

These changes will be rapid and unexpected, which is why it will be difficult to accept them, get used to them and reconcile with them.

They will be associated with mental shock, enormous burden and a sense of doubt. To a large extent their overtones will be negative.

They can be catastrophic. So if you asked yourself a question that is important to you, then the answer given by the card must be: NO.

35. The Star - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : The Star

Calm · Destiny · Hope · Chance · Renewal

When the Star appears, it means you'll probably feel inspired and have more hope for the future than ever before.

You will also feel more confident that your needs - regardless of whether they are emotional or financial - will be met.

Of course, however, you can't be too gullible and too trusting with anyone who stands in your way, because people who want to use you may appear on it.

Think for a moment what is your biggest life threat and ask yourself the question that you need to answer.

The star is also a very spiritual tarot card. You will be accompanied by a sense of unity with all creation, harmony and peace, which is rarely given to anyone.

You will have to get used to this extraordinary feeling and make sure that you properly receive and interpret it.

The star is a symbol of hope, renewal and beauty, hope as well as spiritual renewal and recovery. This card suggests a period of spiritual peace and new opportunities.

He points to prosperity in life, introduces him to optimism and serenity, joy after a period of turbulent changes and anxieties.

This is a card of prosperity in both finance and heart matters. It announces that you will enjoy the fullness of energy and vitality that others will only be able to envy you.

The answer suggested by the presence of this card in your spacing is: YES.

36. The Moon - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : The Moon

Be careful · Caution · Confusion · Illusion · Risk

The moon indicates that some things may now seem a bit confusing. It may be difficult for you to understand what drives you, and even more what others think and feel.

You have to deal with uncertainty, don't try to force people to do things before they are ready. This card is Tarot Pisces.

The moon suggests the presence of risk, secrets and some level of confusion in life. This card may indicate a detachment from reality.

It warns you to be vigilant and watch out for all the efforts you make in your life, think about whether you do it necessary. This card indicates that you will feel someone feeding you with lies or trying to use you.

The moon indicates mistakes, emphasizes the fact that you can see the situation in a bad or false light.

The answer you are looking for is NO.

37. The Sun - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : The Sun

Abundance · Achievement · Joy · Productivity · Success

If the Sun card appears in your spacing, it is a sign that soon you can feel more at ease than before, it's possible that it's best for a few good years.

It indicates that it is a good time for holidays, vacation, rest and trying all kinds of new things.

The sun means vitality, freedom and joy. It urges you to ask yourself the most important questions and seek answers.

The sun, which is the opposite of the moon, is a card full of joy, life and energy. Indicates pleasant moments, optimism and happiness.

The presence of this card in spacing can announce a journey to some warm place, announce fulfillment of desires, tell you that you will not lack inspiration and warm feelings from loved ones, such as friendship or love. Indicate that you will eventually believe in your abilities.

It reveals positive achievements, successful ventures and general manifestations of happiness in your life.

So the answer to your question is: YES.

38. Judgment - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : Judgment

Change · Decisions · Success · Transformation · Boiling

The final court can be a card telling about drawing conclusions and decisions, especially those taken too hastily.

If you are a hothead and spontaneous by nature, you do not think too long, but you act quickly and vigorously, this is a clear signal that you slow down and give yourself more time to think, and more opportunities to fix mistakes made.

It can also be a time of basic spiritual awakening. Her presence in the spacing will indicate changes in your life. Now ask the most important question in your spirit and find out what's ahead of you.

The Last Judgment card means change or transformation, probably one that has already happened. It may indicate the need to draw conclusions from previous events, decisions or errors.

It also symbolizes the need to make some plans for the future, think about what to do next.

The Last Judgment calls you to act, create new things, celebrate successes, and if you were in it, also get out of the hole.

The presence of the Last Judgment in spacing can mean the presence of a spiritual or professional calling and decision making that will lead to your success. The answer to your question is: YES.

39. The World - yes no tarot

Yes No tarot reading : The World

Confidence · Completion · Positive · Reward · Satisfaction

The World Card can often mean that figuratively you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, which is not an easy task for anyone.

It is a symbol of your bravery and strength, which sometimes may not be enough, especially in the face of some major misfortune. You may also just be too tired to cope with your task.

If the world appears in your spacing, it is a sign that it is time to ask yourself important questions that have been difficult to answer for a long time. A drawn card comes to the rescue.

The World Card means contentment and success at the end of the journey. This card indicates the fulfillment of dreams and all kinds of happy endings.

If it appears in your spacing, it means that you will manage to get your way, gain recognition for your work. It may also indicate that the truth about a person can be liberating and not so terrible.

It can be a sign that you will be successful in your career, you will form a relationship, in a family, your social relations will be successful.

However, the answer to your question is PROBABLY and it is not explicit.


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