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Taurus 2018 horoscope


Persevering, strong, patient like none other, the zodiacal Taureans are the best catch in the zodiacal kaleidoscope. They provide a cozy and well-stocked house, and remain faithful until the day they die… being under the care of the planet Venus, they are very, very sensual. Venus, the plat of love, gives them the basis for a good and solid partnership.

Taurus 2018 horoscope

The year 2018 – Ideas implemented in the beginning of the year will pay off financially at the end of it.

Love, Interpersonal Relations and Feelings

The year 2018 will probably influence a change in the way of perceiving your partner and friends. You will be more willing to compromise, become more selfless and compassionate to others, which will positively influence mutual relations.

Sadly, autumn can be somewhat worrisome in terms of you coming into an inappropriate partnership or romance. Your expectations of the person of your dreams will be different than what might be wished of you. The reason for this will be looking at things through rose-colored spectacles, and that can lead to only one thing – disappointment.


It is generally better to exercise caution when making any new acquaintances, as the outcome might be quite different from your expectations.

Taurus 2018 : Career, Work and Finances

It is not unlikely that positive coincidences and the Friday vibrations of the year 2018 will have positive effect on your career. Fare should be very much in your favor this year.

You will have to trust your intuition. You will stand at the verge of important choices and sometimes two or three propositions might leave you baffled. So only your intuition can help you reach a prudent decision. Keep in mind to sleep on the plan and implement it later. If you receive any unusual financial proposals, remember that sometimes it is better to lose nothing than lose money and good mood.

You can still find great fulfillment playing the stock market or taking part in a lottery. Remember, though, that it might be an investment for two or three sessions, long-term investments might not work out. It is generally a very good situation for you to build your material existence. – Ideas implemented in the beginning of the year will pay off financially at the end of it.


It does not mean you will have to tighten your belt throughout the year. No matter how you look at it, you have a chance for financial and professional success.

Health horoscope

Luckily, the beneficial influence of the planets during the winter months will keep you safe from any health complications. At the beginning of spring, however, you might have a tendency for flus and bone problems. It can be avoided if you stay away from drafts, chills, cooling your head and freezing. All in all, be cautious, and always keep warm scarves, hats and mittens at the ready.

Minor problems with blood circulation can be overcome with sports, or simply increased number of walks.

Angelic Council – Taurus 2018

angel adviceHard and often stressful work in this extraordinary year will allow some Taureans to reach knowledge about themselves and the world. You have learnt to believe only yourselves and the known reality, but now you will want to learn about yourselves and, thus, the nature of the universe. Most zodiacal Taureans will decide to discover higher, spiritual values.

You will notice and change in your value system, and what seemed important once is meaningless now. You will also notice a slight difference in your approach to life, you let the inner voice guide you and reject rationalism.



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