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Scorpio 2018 horoscope


The Scorpio zodiac sign. The transcendental, mysterious, unpredictable, strong and charismatic Scorpios are the heaviest caliber in the zodiacal kaleidoscope. Some fear them, other, on the other hand, love these mysterious creatures.

Their magnetism is striking and captivating. They are true space soldiers. The extraordinary planet Pluto gives them the strength, power and great commitment to act.

2018 Scorpio horoscope

The year 2018 – Keeping you plans secret would be a good thing.

Love, Interpersonal Relations and Feelings

You are in for a difficult year, many couple might decide to split apart. take a moment to consider, however, is it is not worth to try and subdue your emotions and have a distance to yourself and the other person.


Such a glance with cold calculation always helps. It will turn out certain issues can be mitigated and the summer will show you it is worth it. If you suffer from loneliness, your natural magnetism will let you attract the opposite gender this summer. You may not run to the altar right away, but you will get a chance to experience an exciting romance.

It is a good to establish social relations. You will most likely meet new, fascinating friends. The period of autumn will tune you into taking care of your home, your family, your  pets, which is to say you will stay there until spring.

2018 Scorpio : Career Work and Finances

In the year 2018, lack of money is not going to be among your problems. Especially if you work in artistic field, you have an artistic, humanistic soul or operate in areas related to body renewal.

This is true for bioenergotherapists, masseuses, beauticians, hairdressers, people working in wellness clinics, nursing homes, orphanages, private specialized clinics…


It is a good time to develop these professions and earn much profit from them. Keeping you plans secret would be a good thing.

The less people know what you are up to, the better. Moreover, it would be better to stay away from inappropriate acquaintances, the might do you no good. Listen to your intuition, proceed with caution, so as not to fall into too much euphoria and confuse dreams with reality.

Health horoscope

This year, your calmness will contribute to attaining internal balance. Mental comfort will result in good health. Only a less-than-favorable diet and negative emotions can manifest themselves in changes of the skin.

This will most likely result in internal tensions and dilemmas you will have to deal with. Avoid stress, give in to fate.


angel adviceIt is possible that the year 2018 will resemble walking on thin ice, there will be no shortage of envious people who might be jealous of the intelligent and go-getting Scorpios’ financial profits and professional status. There might be some bad news but the Angels will aid you and advise you.

If you remain cautious, stay away from shady acquaintances, hold the strings of your life firmly in your hands, and try to keep what you have, you should be glad of this year. It is definitely not a year of expansion, but rather standing your ground.



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