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Libra December 2018

You are clearly stopping, you will slow down the turnover you have been working on for some time and now you will be more willing to do all this at home.

A certain person from your immediate family feels lonely.

Libra horoscope December 2018

You must show her more of her attention and also devote her time to her.

The turbulent and tense love relationship will finally settle down and settle down.

Libra horoscope December

You will not complain about the lack of household chores.

They will completely absorb your free time.

After the first week of the month, optimally for you will be as you slow down the pace, limit your field of activity, it really will not be the best time to do more effort.

Instead, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

At the end of the month, get ready for many stressful work events.

There will be a nervous atmosphere between colleagues.

Try to master the situation and show others what peace means.


December 2018

Important numbers:

2, 5, 14

December important dates:

6, 8, 11, 12, 30

Special note:

A certain person will start spreading untrue rumors about you. If possible, try to deny them, but in a diplomatic and not aggressive way. However, before you take any steps in this area, consult a loved and trusted person.

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tarot horoscope December 2018


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