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Libra 2018 horoscope

Delicate and elegant, the Librans are the best diplomats in the universe. They love life and doing nothing. They feel best in a position of being objects of longing, with a glass of wine, at a vernissage or at least in the comfort of a beautiful living room, when they are most beautiful and most desired. Their actions are guided by Venus, the planet of love.


2018 Libra horoscope

The year 2018 – You can get involved in a relationship, but with no guarantee, stability or certainty of a right decision.

Love, Interpersonal Relations and Feelings

This year might be in favor of various romances, hidden from the eyes of the world.

Take time to think, however, that will come off for you, especially if you already have someone dear to you, faithfully living at your side. Moreover, you might come across a very mysterious individual. Uncovering their identity and relations to another, unknown world may shock you.

So be prepared for amorous surprises ahead of time. It will be better if the planets work charitably and contribute to renewal of the relationship you have been in for years. The cards warn against romances in the autumn period, because, as fascinating and fleeting like a butterfly wing as they may seem initially, they can prove to work against you eventually.


Naturally, it does not apply to lonely Librans. You can get involved in a relationship, but with no guarantee, stability or certainty of a right decision.

2018 Libra : Career, Work and Finaces

he favorable arrangements of planets will be good for development of your career and financial matters.

After the quite difficult end of the previous year, the beginning of 2018 should bring much good news. It might concern professional issues, opportunities of travel to another country or city.

It is possible that you will feel the acceptance of your surroundings in the middle of the year. If you conduct business on your own, it is a good time for a purchase of land or a house, or to begin its construction.


If you have available financial resources, try to invest them well, as you can count on income later on. It is a good custom not to borrow anything, and this rule will especially apply this year. Do not believe that everyone is as honest as you, so show assertiveness and say no – or at least find a smart excuse, as you might regret it otherwise.

Health horoscope

It is possible that this year will bring you great strength and power, no illnesses or ailments will affect you all of a sudden.

The sick Librans might regain health, any surgeries or procedures involving a scalpel might be postponed. Strangely enough, Librans can count on a proverbial miracle. It might be caused by the internal changes in your psyche, they will prepare you not only for any adversities, but also against illnesses.


angel adviceThere is a way out of the difficult situation you have found yourselves in. You stubbornness, determination, curiosity and intelligence will let you overcome all adversity. It turns out you can always reach over to the reservoir of your own great powers and endure through situations that might seem inescapable.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the people round you, they can become you allies. Taking up studies or retraining will help determine and implement plans resulting in good quality of life.



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