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Leo 2018 horoscope


Magnificent, noble, lazy, true rulers of the universe. Honest and open, as well as disarmingly naïve. True children of the Sun which is their planetary guardian. A typical Leo or Lioness are beings with hearts of pure gold, they will forgive and forget the worst of deeds, hold you to their heart, and always be willing to share something from their ever-filled wallets.

2018 Leo horoscope

The year 2018 – You have to be mindful, though, as some people might turn out to be of impure intentions, aiming at deceitfully undermining your plans.

Love, Interpresonal Relations and Feeling

Most likely, the space of the year 2018 will be dedicated to career and finances, and you will come across great opportunities on this plane. Consequently, you will not have much time left for your home and family. You will probably also neglect your beloved one. This will cause possible frictions and conflicts between you.

Try and find time for the one you care about and they will compensate it by helping you with your professional issues. If you still have nobody, no not waste time, try to reconcile work with the search for that other significant one.


Summer is a good time, you will be aided by the Sun in light of which you will blood and emanate extraordinary glow. Your good looks and charisma will attract the opposite gender. It is likely you will meet the partner written for you in the stars, a new and fascinating love.

It is possible that it will a person from the past who will now gift you with unusual and new love.

2018 Leo : Career, Work and Finances

This year should be a spectacular financial and professional success. It will be made possible by sympathetic people and, of course, the stars.

The positive arrangement of the stars will aid you energetically, add vigor and courage to act. As early as the beginning of the year, you head will be filled with various ideas that will contribute to ensuring material stability. Your ingenuity and creativity will grant you attention and recognition of both your employers and coworkers.


There will probably be a promotion or a raise. If you work on your own, however, you will change your present course of action, which will be beneficial financially. There is a possibility of getting involved in a large financial enterprise. You have to be mindful, though, as some people might turn out to be of impure intentions, aiming at deceitfully undermining your plans.

So it is advised to exercise caution when distributing your finances and picking business partners. They may not live up to your expectations and play dirty.

Health horoscope

The beginning of the year might strain your health. Excessive activity and expending your energy for professional matters will contribute to the strain of your vitality. Especially the veins, aorta, arteries, the immune system might, unfortunately, be failing you. It will not be until the beginning of summer holidays that your health starts improving.

Thanks to that, you will glow with health, good mood and energy all throughout the summer. Autumn come, take care of your throat and bronchi. This time around, it might be a quite lot of wheat in a bushel of chaff, so you will be better off preventing than treating. That will let avoid staying in bed and losing time.


angel adviceDespite the year being good financially, the Angels advise to be careful about spending money, as you fight get in trouble with cash. Most likely many of the zodiacal Leonians will not encounter financial problems, but there will still be dilemmas as to what to spend money on – renovation or a thing you cannot do without. All in all, the year can bring in a lot of material goods, but you have to be careful not to lose them.



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