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Capricorn 2018 horoscope


Pragmatic, down-to-earth, conservative like none other. Sometimes they can get jealous of the Pisceans’ intuition and the Geminians’ wings but they will never try and fly themselves, they prefer to stay on the ground.

Their decisiveness, consistency and persistence make them the best workers of the universe. All of that is granted by Saturn, the planet of limits, which to them is a wise teacher.

2018 Capricorn Horoscope

The year 2018 – The most important thing is not to start anything new before settling the old.


Love, Interpresonal Relations and Feelings

It is possible that your relationship is at the turn of life, but you will probably get through it safely.


This year, you will find yourself in the kaleidoscope of professional business issues, leaving little time for that significant other. Still, this temporary shortage of time, being distant from each other, will allow the partner relations to comfortably fall together. This in turn will let you discover each other again.

Of course this will not happen in a matter of week or month, the actual improvement will not take place until autumn. The lonely Capricornians will find their other half this year, but more out of their own choice.

Capricorn 2018 : Career, Work and Finances

Probably the very beginning of the year will bring about many changes with all the associated confusion. But if you approach it constructively, accepting the twists of fate, everything should come together. The most important thing is not to start anything new before settling the old.

SO if you decide to change your occupation at the beginning of the year, take a look at the new one fist and dig for some information, just in case. The other half of the year should straighten out your financial and professional matters. The beneficial aspects of planets will allow for enjoying material stability and professional position.


There is a possibility that you will meet powerful and well-connected people, which will positively influence your career.

Health horoscope

You are rather out of danger of any particularly complicated diseases, but you will have to be careful for all sorts of infections and colds.

Sometimes a simple cold might turn into bronchitis, just to infect your lungs later. So remember to wear warm clothing and protect the head – as it will be most exposed to not only colds, but also injuries.  The Capricornians riding single-track vehicles should be especially careful.


angel adviceAn Angel says that the world is a mirror of your soul. So reject sorrow, discouragement, criticizing others and self-pity. Look at the world as a whole, everything and everyone is connected to each other. If you carry good and love in your heart, if you look at the surrounding world with love, you will receive it in return.

Things are worse when you are s malcontent or a martyr, then everything will be negative, just like you yourself are.



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