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Cancer 2018 horoscope


True Cancerians are moody and intuitive, they like looking at their beloved planet, the Moon, at night. It is the Moon that makes them so sensitive and gentle that they would gladly carry their homes on their backs. Even though it is not possible, getting enclosed in their own shells is, so people from other planets find it difficult to get them out.

2018 Cancer Horoscope

The year 2018 – In spite of difficulties, this year is, in the most part, yours, although it will take some fight.

Love, Interpersonal Relations and Feelings

The fact that, as a typical Cancer, you will take interest in your home and family, is nothing particularly new. The important thing, however, is that the vibrations of the year 2018 will contribute to improvement and tightening of personal relations. Your actions will be guided by the planet of love, which will bring greater feeling of comfort and safety.

You will decide for renovations and clean-ups of your house. You might enclose yourself in a group of old and trusty friends. It will turn out that, despite your natural vital activity, you feel like resting a bit at your own place. If you do not have a partner yet, you might expect one to appear in your life this year.


Do not expect anything overly flashy, but you will earn a person you can always count on.

Cancer 2018 : Career, Work and Finances

You are in for a good year, especially as you will not find yourself short of good ideas for earning money, and the arrangement of planets will reinforce your actions. The ideas you implement at the beginning of the year will quickly yield pretty good financial results. Your work will get noticed and rewarded with adequate sums of money.

The zodiacal Cancerians who take up their own business related to handicraft or public services, especially for women, can count on success. Moreover, this year is, in the most part, yours, although it will take some fight. You will, however, decide to face the challenges head-on, force your concepts to be heard and gain the trust of your employer. It will result in good finances.

Health horoscope

The good aspects of planets will make you radiate with energy and good mood. Even your natural “moodiness” and mood swings will disappear. If you succumb to some minor infections or gastric indisposition, the organism will quickly mobilize your vital energy and begin regeneration and renewal.


Your physical activity and vitality will contribute to the improvement of your health and body shape, which will surely rejuvenate you.


angel adviceAllow hope to guide you, it can build a better tomorrow, hope is an inspiration for a better, happy life. Let yourself dream and fantasize a bit. Wise people say that we have nothing without dreams, for dreams are a gateway to a worth with no pain and misery. Such a world is still a long way ahead of us.

On the other hand, the Angels advise you should not get carried away by illusion when building your own business or material existence, everything has to be within reason. Do everything in “tiny” steps.



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