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Aquarius 2018 horoscope


A typical Aquarius is a star traveler, wandering the paths of life alone. Sometimes compared to a knight-errant, ever on a wild-goose chase, and sometimes to a romantic, unpredictable lover. All because of Uranus, called the planet od unexpected events, which develops independence and eccentricity.

2018 Aquarius horoscope

The year 2018 – You will take an opportunity further education or taking up a new profession.

Love, Interpresonal Relations and Feelings

Most likely, the unfavorable star constellations will manifest with limited contacts with your life partner and friends.

You will decide to isolate yourself from the rich social life. Your own comfortable company will be enough to satisfy you social needs, even the significant other will be put aside for the moment.


You will start loving your own private space where you will spend your time alone but pleasantly by the books, press or the Internet.

The lonely Aquarians will enjoy their loneliness until the beginning of summer, but then they will meet some fascinating person to leave their enclaves behind in favor of fun in a larger group.

Autumn will rejuvenate your social contacts with friends, you will be accepted warmly. You will enjoy closeness and the possibility of sharing your thoughts with another, kind person.

2018 Aquarius : Career, Work and Finances

The beginning of the year is going to be stressful, with a lot of pressure. You will have to make many difficult decisions, but you will carry that burden.


The beginning of spring will already yield reinforcement of you position in the company. if you run your own business, you will feel the tide changing for the better.

You will have to remember, though, that the year 2018 will force action and surrendering to the changes. If you decide to hide, however, fate will give you a serious kick anyway and land you in a different position. SO the beginning of the year will force you to alter your thinking and perception of reality.

Surrender to fate and you will see everything starting to fall into place. Many beneficial coincidences will happen.  You will take an opportunity further education or taking up a new profession.

Health horoscope

The delicate and sensitive Aquarians may become even more so this year. You will have to take extra care of your health.

The arrangement of planets causes much tension, so rest and good diet is advised. You will also have to be mindful of your hips and knees, your weak points. An appropriate diet will aid you, good for bone health and the circulatory system. Eliminating hypertension will require losing some weight.


angel adviceIt is time for hope and increased rate of changes. Truly, the year 2018 might be a time of spectacular success for those Aquarians who do not succumb to temporary sorrows and depressions, and bravely face all the adversity.

There is a possibility of achieving happiness, mental comfort, meeting a good life partner, maybe someone written in the stars.

The zodiacal Aquarians who wish to embark on a journey across the sea will be able to make their dreams come true, and fate will not stand in the way. It is a very good time for those who believe that.



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