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Horoscope sagittarius

Horoscope sagittarius

Friendly signs: Gemini, Aries, Aquarius, Libra.
Unfriendly signs: Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn.
Lucky stones: diamond, amethyst, turquoise
Lucky colors: indigo, claret, celadon.
The most suitable career: law, education, technique and inventing, army, sports, trade, culture, journalism, administration, communication.

Sagittariuses are the life and soul of the party. They are honest, energetic and direct, which attracts many friends. They hate routine, are always where somebody needs them, and where something is happening.

They love freedom, fun, relax, sports and spontaneity. They are always active and looking for new adventures, contacts, experiences. They are loyal friends, have the sense of truth and justice. They are witty, like to fool around and philosophize. They literally infect others with optimism. Unfortunately, people of Sagittarius tend to believe in their infallibility and wisdom too much and too soon.

It doesn’t take long for Sagittarius to start showing off and talk big. They also often pretend to be someone else, just for acceptation and being in the middle of attention. However, they are brave, honest and optimistic to other people and the world. Unfortunately, they also happen to be careless, inaccurate and tactless, they also tend to exaggerate. All they need is moderation, to strike a happy medium, in order to achieve what they have planned.

They should be cautious in choosing a life partner. Sometimes they act too careless and impulsively, and often decide for a  fast relationship or even marriage under the first impression of their partner. Such a relationship may soon turn out to be a failure, which results in sudden and emotional split, often very painful for both sides. Sagittariuses should pick similar people for partners – curious of the world, sociable, however more calm, sensible and reasonable than they are. Smartness and curiosity may be a key to a successful relationship with Sagittarius. However, if the partner is dishonest, too detail-oriented and unforgiving, such a relationship may be full of mutual blames and harassment. Also a pedant won’t be a good partner for Sagittarius. Sagittariuses expects passion and good fun from their partners. It would be good if the partner would allow him/her to  calm down, grow up and think about the future.

There are a lot of professions in which Sagittarius may succeed, most of them require high communicativeness, honesty, talkativeness. Sports, competition and striving for desired results will make them feel happy and admired by their family and friends, so they won’t have to wear false masks and pretend more intelligent and wiser people than they really are anymore.

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  1. Lea Huston says:

    This is total bull! I am Sagittarius and am NEVER the life of any party. As a matter of fact, the notion of having to attend a party causes me anxiety.
    I love routine and hate to stray from it.
    While I AM a very loyal and trustworthy friend, whomever wrote this crap is so off base that it’s laughable. Example: “Sagittarius tend to believe in their infallibility and wisdom too much and too soon”, is another trait I do NOT have. I am definitely fallible as is everyone else on the face of the earth, therefore, I would never ever believe that I am INfallible.
    What a load of BS, which shows that this page is also fallible!
    As for diet, I do not, nor can I drink alcohol at all because of reflux problems. So there’s another thing that makes me not at all like what is described on this page.
    I am female and have been married to a Gemini man for over 31 years! So much for “it won’t be easy”. We rarely argue and when we do it’s over quickly, we never go to bed angry, and raised 3 happy, healthy children that now live wonderful lives with their own spouses. So again, so much for your “it won’t be easy”. LMBO!
    As for health issues you said nothing about HEART problems and I have a heart defect that caused me to suffer sudden death 21 years ago. Again, what a crock this page is!
    I have 8 friends and family that are also Sagittarius and we are all as different as day and night. Most of us were born at around the same date, with 2 of us ON the same date, yet again, we are NOT alike in most ways at all! Seriously people, don’t buy into this page. There are others out there that are genuine. This one is NOT! If you even allow this to show up on the page, I’ll be very surprised.

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