Pisces : daily horoscope

pisces daily horoscope

Friday, November 24

If you put some effort today, you will finally manage to make decisions which will solve your financial problems and cause that, instead of being worried about few next days, you will begin to satisfy your needs. You have a great chance to meet somebody important, for example, from the financial field.

Pisces - lucky numbers for today : 32, 29, 28, 11, 26
  • 60%
  • 20%
  • 90%
  • 10%
  • 10%
  • 80%
  • work
  • money
  • health
  • love
  • happiness
  • family
  • 100
  • 75
  • 50
  • 25
  • 0

Pisces daily horoscope : percentage distribution of your horoscope of the day November 24 , 2017

Quote of the day for you :
Life is something that everyone should try at least once. - Henry J. Tillman

Thought for the day
thought for the day

Did you know about it?
A 100-pound person on Earth would weigh 38 pounds on Mars.

Joke of the day
Mr. Goldfarb was walking down the street. In each arm he carried a bag. He ran into Mr. Klein. Mr. Klein asked, "What are those bags for?""I'm collecting for Israel", said Mr. Goldfarb."You need two bags?", asked Mr. Klein."I've got a system, said Mr. Goldfarb. It's fantastic. I go into the men's room. I pull out a knife and hold it up. Then I say, 'Give for Israel or get a circumcision.' It works. I have forty thousand dollars in this bag."What do you have in the other bag?", inquired Mr. Klein."Oh, well, not everybody gives."

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