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Aquarius : daily horoscope

Monday, 24 September 2018

today aquarius

Today Horoscope Aquarius : It’s a good time for education. Enroll on a language course and gain new experiences. If you feel tired, try to find at least a second only for yourself. A coffee with a friend will do you good.

Aquarius horoscope for tomorrow

Lucky numbers for today : 17, 26, 33, 38, 39, 44

Aquarius daily horoscope : percentage distribution of your horoscope of the day September 24 , 2018

zdrowie dla baran

work for aquarius
love for aquarius
luck for aquarius

health: 30%, work: 50%, love: 70%, luck: 20%, mood: 80%

Aquarius Horoscope for tomorrow

Quote of the day for you :

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, I used everything you gave me.

Did you know about it?

The best recorded distance for projectile vomiting is 27 feet.

Joke of the day
A woman visits her physician. After waiting for a while it’s finally her turn. She enters the doctors’ office and sits down. The PhD asks her: “Well, what can I do for you madam?”.The patient blushes and the PhD sees that apparently she is embarrassed so he says: “You can discuss any matter with me, everything is strictly confidential.”So the patient says: “My husband complains that my pussy smells bad, is there a cure for this?””Sure”, the doctor says, “It can be a fungus, or a little infection, nothing unusual, please undress and lay down, so I can examine you andprescribe a treatment.”The woman undresses, gets up the bed and with her legs spread waits until the doctor attends her. He comes in, walks towards here, starts gasping for air, covers his mouth and nose with a hand and runs out of the office. After a minute or so, he enters again, covering his mouth and nose with one hand an a 7 feet wooden stick with an iron hook on it in the other hand.”Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh, what will you do to me?” shouts the patient.”Nothing”, says the doctor, “I’m just going to open the roof window a little.”

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